Designated smoking area turned into praying area for women at Karachi airport

(GLOBALink) Thanks to the efforts of the partners working against the epidemic of tobacco in Pakistan, particularly those who raised their voices against the Designated Smoking Areas, the authorities have turned a Designated Smoking Area into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women at Karachi airport. Congratulations to all and lets join hands to move on to fight for the implementation of smoke-free policies. Under the national tobacco control legislation, there is no room for any designated smoking area in the country.

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Shahzad Alam Khan
NPO Tobacco Control



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Smoking should be stopped it

Smoking should be stopped it harms the both people smokers and non-smokers as well. We should be remind this in our mind. The government should be more effective in case of preventing smoking.

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The damages caused by

The damages caused by smoking, to body and to the environment are very much more than we thought. Its a great news that the authorities of WHO have turned a Designated Smoking Area into a Mosque for women at Karachi Airport. I think its an appreciable act to vanish the Designated Smoking Areas from the public places. executive cover letters

Perception surrounding

Perception surrounding smoking has varied over time and from one place to another, holy and sinful, sophisticated and vulgar, a panacea and deadly health hazard. Only relatively recently, and primarily in industrialized Western countries, has smoking come to be viewed in a decidedly negative light.

Smoking is one of the most

Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. Tobacco smoking is today by far the most popular form of smoking and is practiced by over one billion people in the majority of all human societies.
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Federal normally takes just about every achievable action to produce individuals aware about the actual uncomfortable side effects involving cigarettes. Thus we have discovered which in Karachi the actual Specified Cigarettes Areas usually Mobile wallets are converted into any Mosque (Praying Area) for ladies. Certainly this can be a great idea with the federal government. I hope next individuals may want to get sufficient time to have free off their cigarettes habits. Atlanta divorce attorneys land in addition to atlanta divorce attorneys spot we have discovered signal indicate involving "No smoking" but nevertheless folks are uninformed about cigarettes practices.

I like your blog its nice and

I like your blog its nice and cool.

GLOBALink has done an amazing

GLOBALink has done an amazing job back in Pakistan. Thanks for everything guys!

Government takes every

Government takes every possible step to make people aware about the negative effects of smoking. Therefore we have found that in Karachi the Designated Smoking Areas are turned into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women. Definitely it is a wise decision by the government. I hope after this people should definitely get enough time to get rid from their smoking habits. In every country and in every region we have found sign mark of "No smoking" but still people are unaware about smoking practices.

Designated smoking area turned into praying area for women at

What's up Dear, are you really visiting this site regularly, if so after that you will without doubt take good knowledge.

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