Businesses Weigh-In on St. Louis Co. Smoke-Free Policy - The Post Sports Bar and Grill

Adrian Glass co-owner of The Post speaks about how St. Louis County's smoke-free policy has impacted business since the Clean Air ordinance has been enacted.

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Cuts to Prevention Fund Jeopardize Efforts to Improve Health, Reduce Costs

Statement of Matthew L. Myers, President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Washington, D.C. — In a shortsighted move that will cost lives and money, Congressional negotiators have agreed to significantly cut one of the most important disease prevention initiatives ever adopted by the federal government to help pay for an economic package. The agreement cuts the Prevention and Public Health Fund, created by the 2010 health care reform law, by $5 billion – more than 25 percent. These cuts jeopardize the great promise of the prevention fund to improve health and reduce health care costs that drive government budget deficits.

Community leaders come together to draw attention to exemptions to the 2011 Clean Air Act

Today a press conference was held at Three Kings Public House highlighting “Unfinished Business - Health and Fairness for All” a new education campaign sponsored by the Tobacco Free St. Louis coalition. 

Following are a few quotes from today’s press conference

Photo of Dr. Stuart SlavinStuart Slavin, physician at Saint Louis University
The Coalition has diligently followed the smoke-free law, and we have learned that exemptions to that law for some bars, restaurants, and casino, 145 in all, are a significant problem. They have created unfair business competition between the exempt and non-exempt businesses, and more importantly, the health of all county residents is not being protected.


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